Quantified Commerce is a New York-based e-commerce company powered by the idea that data and creativity can work together.



We are Quantified Commerce, a unique e-commerce company pairing a passion for creation with an equal dedication to measuring results: art + science.



With more than a decade of experience, we tackle a broad variety of disciplines in the process of creating meaningful, quantifiable e-commerce platforms for international markets. With carefully selected tools and skills, we express our visions from product design to the creation of user experience up to development, delivery and measurable results.


We are copywriters, designers and product creators. We are programmers, media buyers and analysts. By title and function, we're all pretty different. But we unite around one goal: elevating the form–art meets science.


We're rewriting the code on digital advertising. The old paradigm: Build it, and then hope and pray they come. Our rewrite: measurability, accountability, results. Pretty websites that don't deliver are just empty promises–and simply will no longer do.