Digital Visual Merchandising In India: Agam Berry, Quantified Commerce

Scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, you’ll see a variety of beautifully curated images: a pair of slacks strewn across a leather armchair; a display of skincare products expertly arranged on a pristine bathroom vanity; a collection of must-have lipstick swatches painted on a woman’s forearm.

Quantified Commerce’s Agam Berry on India’s love of cash on delivery

E-commerce companies are facing a problem when it comes to entering the Indian market. COD, or cash-on-delivery, is the preferred system of payment for Indian consumers who shop online.

Alexa Takeover? We Ask Ryan Andreas of Quantified Commerce

Humans are lazy. We want what we want and we want it right now. Companies have always known this, and tried to make it easier for us to get products, and as new technology begins to emerge there may come a day where we never have to leave our home to go shopping again.

Automating The Last Mile? We Ask Agam Berry, Quantified Commerce

The online retail sector is booming. $2.3 trillion in sales were recorded in 2017, with an estimated increase to $4.8 trillion in sales by 2021. Online shopping is on the rise, and as more and more e-commerce companies enter the market they are going to have to seperate themselves from their competitors.

'Vertical Integration Is For India' - Ryan Andreas Quantified Commerce

Vertical integration is a business buzzword that's been thrown around alot over the past few years. But, what does it actually mean?

Facebook Video Ads Win Consumers- Ryan Andreas, Quantified Commerce

Indians have surpassed Americans when it comes to the total number of Facebook users. There are over 241 million active Facebook users in India, compared to 240 million users in the United States.

'Daily Scrum In Indian Business' - Ryan Andreas, Quantified Commerce

Scrum is a managerial iterative process that involves quick daily meetings where organized teams announce to the group their pending tasks, what they're working on, and what they've accomplished since the previous day.

Playing The Great Game In India - Agam Berry, Quantified Commerce

In some countries that have strong underlying power distance, like India, employees can fear transparency, and due to traditional business organizational structure, lack accountability.

Gig Economy A Win-Win, Ryan Andreas, Quantified Commerce

The term 'gig economy' has been thrown around a lot in the past few years, but it's no fad. The gig economy is beginning to take over how people work and what is considered a job. It's also changing the way that businesses run and more specifically how e-commerce companies run. As e-commerce grows alongside the gig economy, the two are going to share a symbiotic relationship which may allow both to succeed.

Is Facebook The New TV? We Ask Agam Berry, Quantified Commerce

What do you do when you’re bored? Turn on your television and flip through channels until you find something to watch? Probably not. You probably scroll through your phone, a method of content consumption that’s becoming the norm.

Death Of Brick & Mortar? We Ask Ryan Andreas Of Quantified Commerce

E-commerce is slowly taking over the way people shop and the way companies are looking to sell. Nowhere is e-commerce set to take off more than in India.

‘Video Is The Way To Sell In India’- Agam Berry, Quantified Commerce

With rising Internet penetration across India, companies around the world are eager to advertise to a growing online audience.

Ad Industry Betting On Facebook, Ryan Andreas, Quantified Commerce

Out of all of the major social media sites Facebook is king, coming in with an astronomical 2.2 billion active users.

Netflix, Amazon & the War For India, Agam Berry, Quantified Commerce

American based companies Netflix and Amazon have been competing for the eyes of India’s content consumers for the past handful of years.

The Digitally Native Brand In India, Agam Berry, Quantified Commerce

With the internet growing at an increasingly fast rate in the past decade companies are playing catch up in terms of how to best leverage the internet for their brands. This has lead to the rise of what is called a digitally native, vertically-integrated company.

‘Bypassing power distance in India’- Agam Berry, Quantified Commerce

A business should be like a well-oiled machine, with all the cogs and gears cohesively working together towards a desired outcome. All parts are integral to the success of the company.

VC-Funded Bubble Forming In India? Ryan Andreas, Quantified Commerce

India’s E-commerce market is buzzing with startup activity as Internet usage skyrockets.

“The Beauty Business In India” - Ryan Andreas, Quantified Commerce

Beauty E-commerce is booming in India and is expected to reach unprecedented heights within the next several years

Investment Flooding Indian E-Commerce: Agam Berry, Quantified Commerce

The entire nation of India is currently an investor's haven, especially in the flourishing E-commerce market.

'Men Need Their Own Beauty Brands'- Ryan Andreas, Quantified Commerce

Is India's E-commerce boom giving rise to a generation beauty-conscious men? While India boasts some of the world's most beautiful women, sales within the beauty sector suggest that men are increasingly concerned with keeping up appearances.